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Mana's Aesthetics


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Monologue†Garden Translations
19 March
External Services:
  • ManaSama
  • manaaesthetics@livejournal.com
The purpose of this page is to provide fans with translations of Mana's blog, once known as the Aesthetics but recently changed to "Monologue Garden". Unfortunately I made this translation blog only a short time before the change so my blog name will continue to stay as "Aesthetics" on LJ for the purposes of continuing my translations here.

Mana's NEW official blog site, Monologue Garden, can be found at the following link


There are many many translations online of Mana's blog, but no page specifically dedicated to such. While translations at times may not be perfect, please keep in mind it does take a lot of effort and time to be able to do this. These translations are given to you for free for your enjoyment and ability to understand Mana's words in a common language for international fans.

If you do not like my work, there are many other alternative websites and forums to visit. Please don't take it out on me or criticize my work if you prefer another person's translations over mine. Thank you!!

Translations by manamonologue
malice mizer, mana様、 monologue garden, moi dix mois, 独白, 独白の庭

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