June 21st, 2016


† Let's talk about Kami today!

If I recall correctly, Kami was the youngest among the members!
In MALICE MIZER photo shoots he would turn over my skirt when I would wear mini skirts (smiles)
Kami…was a mischievous pubescent boy! It was an innocent type of act so it was somewhat sweet.

At the time when Kami joined MALICE MIZER his hair was short, but while looking at it in total amazement, his hair grew out down to his back and it became really glossy long hair! Before I knew it my hair length surpassed his.
A-actually, why was I so attracted to women's clothes? hmm~ its a mystery (smiles)

And then, during the indies time of MALICE MIZER at the "Uruwashiki kamen no shoutaijou" event (Its was a special event where each member did skits, performances, etc…) Kami had the chance to do special effects make up, but (now I think its the late Takadanobaba's Arenos Hall) the night before the event I got a call from Kami saying… "Mana-chaa~n I don't know if I can do a very good job at art make up for that day, so can you come over now and do my make up?" I cheerfully went over to Kami's house and painted half of Kami's face white for art make up… the concept was a mask (two-sided). Its the theme from Kami's early days.

 photo 20160620213010de1_zpsm0qml5is.jpg
It was like there was a mask under this mask…

He said that I was a make up magician, and so for me it felt something like "Would you like to decide on a course, customer?" (smiles)
[I think] It felt like Kami got into it and could finally sleep safely in the beauty parlor? But I didn't sleep.
Painting the moon on his face and this and that…huhuu didn't I do a really good job? Kami!
Anyway, on that night Kami went to sleep just like that with his art make up on and then proceeded on to the event the next day.
Some how that scene was so cute… Ukeru!
I really can't run out of stories…

Since I can't run out of stories…how about we all noisily gather at the 90's visual kei cosplay holy ground, Harajuku's Jingu Bashi in MALICE cosplay~!!!
(I'm joking)

Well then, we will gather on August 7 at Akasaka BLITZ!

Today I hope you will drink melon type drinks (MAX coffee is good too)
and eat while coming alive with Kami stories!
I hope you will have your fill of the cool drummer Kami with MALICE MIZER CD's, DVD's and even while watching the Shinwa video, etc!
Those of you who can drink alcohol, you can even drink Calpis Milk. Although Kami had a boyish presence, he liked alcohol milk!
Hes cute like that (smiles)


2016/06/21 (Tuesday) 00:06:21

**Translation note: I kept all song/video titles in Japanese as they may be easier to understand in that way. I also kept "Ukeru" in Japanese because if I'm not mistaken I believe its supposed to be a play on the word Mana has often used in the past for Kami, which was "ukyo, ukyo"

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