Monologue†Garden Translations (manaaesthetics) wrote,
Monologue†Garden Translations

† Let’s talk about K-kun today!

K-kun 2/6 birthday, Happy Birthday!

The first time I met with K-kun, I got the impression that he was a tall good-looking guy.
However, he was transformed into the Beast K right as he entered Moi dix Mois!
Posing with his tongue out like Gene Simmons became his trademark!

Upon joining Moi dix Mois when K-kun was announced for the first time at a live, music related officials who came to see it gave soaring praise, saying “That new guitarist, at first glance seeing how tall he was, I thought thought you added a foreigner to your group! He has an amazing presence!” .+:。(*^-')b Yay!

Ah, I might have forgotten to tell K-kun about that, so read this now K-kun!

So today with Coca-Cola ZERO (They have things like Strong5.0GV lately!)
or an energy drink, make a toast!
Hamburgers too!

2017/02/06(Monday) 00:00:00


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