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† Let’s talk about Kami today! Kami HPB!  Melons~!

February 1, Kami’s birthday.
I’ve got to liven things up with a MALICE story! A long time ago…
Kami) They have hamburgers at Glicore!
Mana) What! I’ve never heard of such a thing!
Kami) There do! Its like Lotteria, they’re connected to Glicore!
Mana) What the! Really~?
Kami) Yeah it isss!!
Mana) But I’ve really never seen or heard of that before~.
Kami) Yeah there iss! and then the story at that time ended.
At that time there wasn’t anything like the internet so I couldn’t easily investigate it, but in recent years I became interested and when I tried googling it, they do have them at Glicore! Sorry Kami! <(_ _*)>




**Note** Glicore and Lotteria are both famous fast food chain restaurants in Japan.

Recently Mana has been posting more on twitter than on Monologue Garden, so for those who want to read my translations of all his tweets, please feel free to like my Facebook page. I think it reaches a wider audience much faster, but for those who have been keeping up with this page for some years now may not know about it. The link is as follows:

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