Monologue†Garden Translations (manaaesthetics) wrote,
Monologue†Garden Translations

† The second year of K-kun's death anniversary

Honestly I still don't understand now whether these two years time have gone by quickly or slowly.
Because he was a partner who was always there for almost 10 years and then suddenly he was gone.
K-kun died and then approximately half a year later Ryux joined, and somehow we were able to move forward.
Ryux is a man, but he seems like a younger brother and hes such a reliable guy.
Even now under these conditions fans still can't sort out their feelings, and keeping up emotionally while seeing Moi dix Mois go up on stage must be difficult.
At the lives a scene of K-kun imprinted somewhere in everyone's mind sporadically passes by in the midst of it all, and Ryux has felt he had to enjoy the lives unaffected by it.
He is together with the wicked one.

Of course it might be a complex feeling, but he has been able to change that sadness to smiling faces.
Its been about 1 year since Ryux joined too.
I decided I want to welcome the support Ryux has given me up to now with a group photo on the top page of the Moi dix Mois site.

I want us to engrave this day in our memories today and move forward again as one.

K-kun is probably keeping a kind, no, a proud beast evil eye watching over the 5 of us from behind.

Because K is an eternal Moi dix Mois member.


2016/05/19 (Thursday) 12:00:26

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