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19 December 2015 @ 11:29 pm
† 12.12 Duo Live Finished…  
I have been carefully reading through the questionnaires. Everyone's passionate thoughts have really been transmitted to me.
It seems there were a lot of people who came for their first Moi dix Mois live. From here on out I look forward to seeing you again dix!
(The questionnaire doesn't have a cut off date, so for those who want to take a longer time to write feel free to send them in at any time. Its in the right hand column mail form)

This time at Duo the drums were positioned lower down so I think it may have been difficult to see me playing them. I'm a little disappointed!
Also, it was my first time to wear headphones in both ears 🎧 so it was a challenge to perform with Moi dix Mois while I could only hear clicks!!!
Compared to a typical performance session it was really difficult, but I was glad I got to perform one of my own songs~!(^_^)

 photo IMG_2592-430_zps9isvybok.jpg

And, since I had a picture of blue sticks that I had taken in the studio, I imagine there were people who thought, Hes going to use those wooden sticks at the show? Actually, if I used the blue sticks to play the blue paint would have come off and stuck to the snares. I can't just go and defile the drums of Hayato-kun, who loves cleanliness, now can I (smiles)
And then, Ryux's way of drinking "Jack Daniels" was so forceful and then he reflexively spit it all out without even leaving a single remanent ( ゚∀゚)pfft!!He showed us his Hiroshima spirit!
(Rest assured it was just watered down alcohol)
When I watched the video shot of the live, I noticed Sugiya-kun frantically attacked the first balloon. (^O^)Ahaha!! Hes secretly an aggressive person.

Seth-kun has been in [the band] for 10 years now! Hes really had a lot of fighting spirit! and his head-banging is impressive!
However 10 years is amazing…seriously.

 photo IMG_7295-300_zps3j6hptue.jpg
(To congratulate him on 10 years, I gave him a bouquet of 10 roses. Thats Seth-kun's hand)

Also, this time your yelling wasn't very good~. To everyone in front of me who was bad at it, maybe you just think you're trying to be elegant, but please give me more of your voices~ (^o^*)/~
Because its a live! Make it burst more and more with voices that reach the stage even more so as if they could almost make you faint or like they're going to break your ears! huhuhu…

Duo, the venue this time, is the place where K-kun was supposed to stand at last year. I'm sure all 6 of us were probably on stage together. So, I wonder if the howling was him getting up? I've never heard that kind of howling before. ( `-ω-)?hm
Maybe it was was K-kun being mischevious saying "I'm here!" to make an appeal. However, the moment I was going to start playing my guitar for the song I made for K-kun, "Beast Side" my guitar tuning suddenly went haywire...(^_^;A
Its like it was a moderate prank (smiles)

It was a really good live, and we were able to make it a fun end of the year live, and even as it came to a close everyone was in good spirits having fun drinking and singing and getting excited. 🍻 weee〜* ((ヘ(●^д^●)ノ)) Wahaha〜♪
(Well I don't sing though…)

The next live is in March so I want to write more information later on about HP preceding [tickets] for the 2DAYS.
Next year will be a shining year!

p.s. Thank you for the letters and presents.


2015/012/19 (Saturday) 16:58:37
Lily KitsuneLily Kitsune on December 23rd, 2015 06:57 pm (UTC)
I love when Mana posts about the other band members like this, it's really fun >w< Which song did Mana play on drums? how was the concert in general? (sorry just assuming you went XD )

also I didn't realize Seth was with them 10 years until he mentioned it o_O time flies I guess lol
Monologue†Garden Translationsmanaaesthetics on December 24th, 2015 08:48 pm (UTC)
Re: awwee
Yeah it is really nice! I don't remember if I even noticed Sugiya attacking a balloon...I remember poor Hayato being flooded by them though and he had to fight them away to play drums. XDD
Mana played Deus ex Machina! :D
The concert was great! If you want to read all about it I posted a super in depth review of it on my blog! (*_*) http://monologuesanctuary.blog132.fc2.com/blog-entry-440.html